Circuit event at Trinity 18.7.21     

The farewell service for Rev Christopher Collins and Rev Barry Welch, taking place on the grass at the back of Trinity's Community Centre. 

12 gold pens, 70 scones, 75 pots of jam, 51 pots of cream, 75 recyclable paper bags, 50 punnets, 6kg strawberries, 75 orders of service, 120 alcohol wipes, 12 bottles of sanitiser, 12 plastic bowls, 10 crates 11 blankets, 75 garden chairs, 7 musicians, 180 sticks of sugar, 150 wooden spoons, forks, and knives, 10 pints of milk, 50 litres of tea, 10 litres of water, 10 "what is God like" novels, 9 church volunteers/trojans, and 2m distance between bubbles.