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Mixed Up Christmas


Please do join us!

We fully understand that it might be a little daunting for those who may have never attended a church service before or are unfamiiar with our styles of worship.
Our premises are situated on Histons Hill within the heart of Codsall. We are served by an excellent transport network. The railway stations and bus stops are within walking distance. If you plan to travel by car, we have a large off road car park. Cont..
  How to find us
Meeting Sundays at 9.30 am, 11.00 am and 6.00 pm. Click here for map and directions.


 Upcoming Events 
Tuesday 6 December
7:30pmGuides @ church hall
8:00pmMen's Fellowship @ Church Lounge
Wednesday 7 December
9:15amLittle Treasures Pre-School @ Church Hall
1:30pmBusy Bees @ Church Hall
7:30pmLifegroups Christmas Meal @ church
Thursday 8 December
9:15amLittle Treasures Pre-School @ Church Hall
2:00pmFuneral @ Church
Friday 9 December
9:30amLittle Treasures Pre-School @ Church Hall
7:30pmChoir @ Church
7:30pmYouth Club @ Church
Sunday 11 December
9:30amNo Mosaic @ Church
10:30amUpside down Christmas Nativity @ church
6:00pmWorship and Communion @ Church Lounge
Monday 12 December
9:15amLittle Treasures Pre-School @ Church Hall
2:15pmWomen's Fellowship @ Church Lounge
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Church Insight, 01/10/2009