Notices for week beginning 28 February 2022

FEBRUARY SERVICES/MARCH SERVICES WILL BE TAKEN BY:                                                                  
March 6: Rev Dr Joanne Cox-Darling + Holy Communion                                                                                   
March 13: Denis Beaumont                                                                                                        
March 20: Rev Dr Joanne Cox-Darling                                                                                      
March 27: Local Arrangement led by Peter, Pearl and Steve 
WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER:  Friday 4 March, at 2.00pm, at Trinity Methodist Church
It would be great to see as many women from the Church to support the above, especially as we are all praying for the people of Ukraine, and the women having to flee their homes with children and very few belongings. How would we feel if we were in such a situation?
This is an ecumenical event for Codsall churches - we need to support everything that is going on in the church and for the community.
Bricks and Pieces is our invitation to local families to come together and share in some Lego-based fun. Each session will include building challenges, a Bible story, and free play response - as well as a snack together.
Sunday March 13 at Trinity Methodist Church 
5-7s @ 2pm - 3.30pm
7-9s @ 3pm - 4.30pm
Duplo available for younger siblings
Snacks included.

£2 per child. Adults free with unlimited hot drinks. 'Ask for Grace' if money is tight this month.
We have sufficient volunteers for March 13th.  However, we need help on the dates below:
2pm Saturday 16th April - Easter special
2pm Sunday 15th May
2pm Sunday 5th June - Jubilee special
Please let Helen know if you are able to volunteer on any of these dates.
Spread the work around to anyone who has children of the ages above. This will be a real fun event for them.
Please do make every effort to attend the mid-week Communions, at 2.00pm on the below dates. It is obviously very important to meet God during this meal of bread and wine. We have altered the time deliberately to be able to see more people so please make every effort to attend.

Tuesday, April 5                                                                                                                                            
Tuesday, May 10

A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: JUNE 11, 2022:                                                                                        

Tom Elliott is one of the UK’s most exciting comedy magicians, touring throughout the year, whilst also being founder of ‘Our Centre Stage’, a network of nationwide community arts projects coming in 2022. However, the majority of his gigs aren't in comedy clubs or theatres, they are in churches, of all denominations. He is a regular on what is known as the 'Christian circuit'.
A committed Christian, he hopes his brand of comedy can bring people closer to God.
Once described by Miranda Hart as ‘Such Fun’, Tom has appeared on BBC TV & Radio, had a feature piece in the Times Newspaper and received significant crowdfunding support for his initiatives. He's also welcomed the likes of Milton Jones & Rosemary Conley CBE onto his wellbeing themed podcast.
Tom is always keen to champion the goals and dreams of others, driving him to launch the People On A Pursuit Community, that helps people to pursue ambitious entrepreneurial or creative goals, increase their productivity and maintain a sense of wellbeing.
Tickets - £8 (recommended age 12 upwards)                                                                   
Tickets, Posters and flyers will be available in the next few weeks