Trinity Methodist Church


We welcome you, whatever our differences.

We welcome you from newborn until after you have received your telegram from the Queen.
We expect you to wriggle and take part - and ask questions if you are unsure.

We welcome those who feel 'organised religion' is not for them  (It's not for us either).       
Come and find a place here with us.

We welcome those who have been hurt elsewhere.
We won't always get things right, but we will always try and learn together.

We welcome those whose bodies no longer work as they once did,
or perhaps never worked as we would have liked.
Come and make yourselves comfortable.

We welcome those keeping everyone else together, and those trying to keep themselves together.

We welcome those who have a job and those who are looking for one.
We welcome school go-ers and school leavers.
We welcome the retired and the retired-but-still busy.

We welcome questioners and thinkers, creatives and scientists.
You're welcome whether you've got it all sorted, or everything's a mess.

We welcome those needing friends and those whose friends bring them along.

We welcome those who walk or drive past, and those who heard there were biscuits.        
We welcome those who didn't know we were here.

Whether you're a regular, a wanderer, or just passing through.

All are welcome here

You are welcome here


Service Times
We meet every Sunday at 10.30am

You would be very welcome to come and join us, whether in the church or on zoom

Please contact us on codsallmethodist@gmail.com if you would like details of how to zoom with us






Trinity Methodist Church, Histons Hill,
Codsall, Wolverhampton,  WV8 2ER
(see map)
We love to welcome visitors to our church.
We’d love to see you this weekend!







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