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We would love to welcome you to any of our worship services. We offer different spaces and opportunities, so that everyone can find the space to meet with God, and other people, in helpful ways. We strive to be accessible to everyone, so find a space to suit you.
Our worship is offered in person on a Sunday morning at 10.30, and is also broadcast live (currently through Zoom – please contact us for the passcode).  We also record the main reflection or teaching element in the service, and this is available on our social media channels at a time to suit you.
Part of our understanding and experience of God’s love, is that we are all invited to meet with God in the places that we find ourselves.  Over the year of Covid, we have taken seriously the invitation to discover God in our midst.  To this end, we continue to find ways to engage with our faith and spiritual lives at home and within our community.  This is often resourced through prayer booklets and suggests response tools, to help us deepen our faith, and become attuned to God’s ever-presence with us.  It also invites us to be creative people, who are invited to create and craft parts of our response to God’s love in community together.